Get your time back with ScribeEMR virtual scribes!

ScribeEMR virtual scribes

I am very excited to announce The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner has partnered with ScribeEMR to offer nurse practitioners a quality, customized service to help you overcome nurse practitioner burnout and get your life back!

ScribeEMR virtual scribes offer “real-time remote EMR charting, medical coding, and ancillary support that improves practice efficiency, maximizes revenue, and reduces nurse practitioner burnout.”

How will ScribeEMR virtual scribes benefit nurse practitioners?

ScribeEMR provides highly trained virtual scribes that connect remotely via audio and/or video on a computer or tablet. The virtual scribe will listen to the entire clinical visit and abstract any important information.

The virtual scribe adds information into the EMR while the nurse practitioner is interacting with the patient. That means the chart done is essentially done and ready for the nurse practitioner to review before the patient leaves the room!

Imagine having the chart note signed without taking time to dictate using a voice recognition system!

Other services by ScribeEMR virtual scribes

ScribeEMR also takes care of other tasks nurse practitioners have to do.

– Medical coding

– Referral coordination

– Prior authorizations

– Preparing orders for radiology, laboratory, and prescriptions

– And so much more!

Imagine more time with patients (instead of typing away on the computer), having chart notes signed by 5:00pm, AND not having to worry about the other tasks!

What is the cost of ScribeEMR virtual scribes?

The cost of this service pays for itself!

ScribeEMR virtual scribes reduces data entry time and improves chart accuracy. Nurse practitioners can actually add on more patients because it takes less time to document! Adding on 1-2 patients/day will pay for this service.

Not to mention improving work-life balance and overcoming nurse practitioner burnout!

**Costs will vary depending on full time vs. part time virtual scribes and which services. Checkout this return on investment (ROI) calculator to determine if it will be beneficial for your practice! 


If you are interested in the services ScribeEMR offers, I would love to help facilitate the connection with ScribeEMR! Please hit reply or email me at

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