Creating work-life balance with a different work schedule

Creating work life balance

Which do you prefer: three 12 hours, five 8 hour shifts, or anything in between?

When I transitioned to my nurse practitioner role and changed from working three 12 hour shifts to five 8 hour shifts, I thought working five days a week was an awful schedule. I couldn’t imagine working that many days a week when for years I “only” worked three days a week.

I ended up greatly missing days off during the week but was glad for more consistency. I am a creature of habit and feel less stressed with a more routine work schedule. It seems my work-life balance is actually better with a consistent schedule. I am not spending my days off catching up on household tasks because I can manage completing these tasks in the evenings. I don’t have to worry about reminding my husband to pick up the kids from daycare because I was at work. I don’t always have to coordinate child care on the weekends my husband and I both work. I had more energy and time in the evenings to make supper, do a few household chores, and spend time with my kids.

I also developed a morning routine. I am definitely a morning person and my morning routine is a powerful factor for how well my day goes. I wake up about 1 to 1.5 hours before my family. This power hour is my time to journal, workout, or leisurely drink my coffee without rushing to work. And sometimes it is the only time I have to myself all day.

I have been able to adjust with less days off during the week and actually prefer the consistency.

There are so many different work hours in healthcare and I would love to hear your current schedule and what you prefer! Comment below and let me know what hours you are working and what you prefer.

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