My approach to contract negotiation for nurse practitioners

Approach to contract negotiation

My approach to negotiating a contract may not be what you might think. I am not the type of person to go into my administrator’s office and demand a raise. I generally have a calm and relaxed demeanor and use this to my advantage.

Asking for more money can be an emotional process. You might feel devalued or betrayed when you find out your colleague is making $20,00 more than you. You might discover how much money you are bringing into the practice and feel frustrated that the salary you are making is well below that number.

Instead of yelling, belittling the other person, and demanding you get more money, my approach to contract negotiation is much more calm. I believe in showing how much value you bring into the practice. And not just monetarily.

Do you work well with others? Do you get your charts signed before you receive that dreaded “You have open charts” email? Do you have a good patient following? Are you coding accurately and maximizing RVUs? I

believe showing you are an upstanding employee will get you much farther than becoming hot headed and rude. There are different phrases and tactics to use during a negotiation that can help you create a contract you’re happy with.

In my new, online course: Contract Negotiation for Nurse Practitioners, I discuss tips and phrases to use during a negotiation process. This course will help you master the skills needed to feel confident, negotiate your worth, and help you create a contract you’re happy with! While this approach may not work for everyone, it is something I use in my own career and life! Give it a try today!

And remember, you ARE worth it!

I would love to hear your approach to contract negotiation, please comment below and share the details, or questions!!

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