Self-improvement is long term

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Have you ever worked on something: i.e. charting habits, saving money, learning to be happy with life? Have you ever achieved your final goal? If so, how long did it take? How many times did you have to start over or change steps in your plan? Did you ever achieve one milestone and think “great, now I need to work on this other bad habit?”

Remember self-improvement is long term.

It may take years to create the life you have always dreamed of and then guess what…. Then you will create a new vision for your life!

Don’t get discouraged because you have not yet achieved your goal. There will be hard times during every climb. Think about the saying, “New level, new devil.” This is so true. Just because you get to one milestone does not mean you will be happy the rest of your days. Life will always throw curve balls. There will always be new challenges. There will always be new goals to work towards.

So remember to enjoy the marathon of life. There is no need to feel discouraged or frustrated. Working on your habits, working towards personal development, working towards self-improvement will always be present. It’s part of life so embrace it and enjoy the upwards climb!

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