I see you burned-out nurse practitioner

Erica D the NP helping burned-out nurse practitioners

You are empty. You are physically, emotionally, mentally depleted. You are exhausted. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You no longer have the passion or the fulfillment in your nurse practitioner career. You contemplate the next move. You are ready to leave healthcare. You are beyond burned-out. I see you burned-out […]

Signs and symptoms you need to set boundaries as a nurse practitioner

Signs and symptoms you need to set boundaries as a NP

Are you a nurse practitioner who is struggling with lack of boundaries? Maybe you’re not even aware that you have unhealthy boundaries yet it is creating a negative impact in your personal and professional life. If a nurse practitioner has a lack of healthy boundaries, it is very likely they are struggling with (or nearing) […]

Burnout Resolution for Nurse Practitioners

Burnout Resolution for Nurse Practitioners to overcome nurse practitioner burnout.

Do you wish you could create a better work-life balance? ​ Do you wish you could conquer the burnout? ​ Do you wish you could get your life back? ​ After overcoming burnout myself, I realized just how many nurse practitioners are struggling. Through The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner I have coached overwhelmed nurse practitioners to establish a better […]

How to resolve nurse practitioner burnout

Resolve nurse practitioner burnout and create a better work-life balance

With an increase of acute illnesses (influenza, COVID-19, RSV, etc.) and decrease of available resources (i.e. lack of hospital beds, commonly prescribed medications, short staffed clinics, etc.), I have discovered more and more nurse practitioners are burned out and ready to leave healthcare. In The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner’s blog articles, I will offer you support […]

It is illegal to be contacted after work hours

Work-life balance as a nurse practitioner

In some countries in Europe, it is illegal for an employer to contact their employees after work hours. That is right, a law has been passed and a penalty in place if the law is broken. It is interesting to hear about this regulation in our current day in age. It seems pretty bold to […]

4 tips for nurse practitioners experiencing mom guilt.

Nurse practitioners struggle with mom guilt.

Nurse practitioner moms and dads have so much pressure working against them. As nurse practitioners, we are prone to parent guilt for a variety of reasons. Our work days are filled with constant mental and emotional demands. We need to be at the top of our game when people’s lives are at stake. Throw in […]

3 Tips to taking time off as a nurse practitioner

3 tips to taking time off work from your nurse practitioner job.

While there are many ways to overcome nurse practitioner burnout, taking time off work is an important part of conquering the burnout! I know it can feel hard to leave your coworkers, colleagues, patients high and dry for a week, or even a day. But, it is so important we allow ourselves time to rest […]

7 steps to establish work-life balance as a nurse practitioner

Do you find yourself spending more time at work and less time at home? The term work-life balance seems like a fictitious concept that is not possible for nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners are overwhelmed with seeing patients during the day, managing the other tasks (med refills, prior authorizations, analyzing diagnostic data, reviewing documentation, etc.), and […]

How to stop being a people pleaser as a nurse practitioner

Do you find yourself saying yes to a request you don’t really want to do? Do you struggle with patients asking for more than you’re willing to give? Do you hear comments like, “You’re soooooo nice” or “I can always count on you”? Do you feel like you are constantly giving to everyone but yourself?  […]

Starting a new nurse practitioner job and want to create work life balance?

Whether you are a new nurse practitioner or just starting a new job, nurse practitioners can establish work-life balance and prevent burnout from the start! While many nurse practitioners generally inquire about salary, benefits, etc., I strongly encourage nurse practitioners to ask about work-life balance. As a burnout coach, I have worked with numerous burned-out […]