12 tips to navigate nurse practitioner mom guilt

nurse practitioner mom guilt

Nurse practitioners are known for providing compassionate, patient-centered care. APRNs strive to work hard and offer thorough, quality care. But when a nurse practitioner mom leaves work, the job is not done. More time is spent on caring for the little humans that made us mothers. Being a nurse practitioner and a mother is a […]

10 ways the modern healthcare system causes APRN burnout

modern healthcare system

The modern healthcare system is slowly destroying nurse practitioner’s passion and fulfillment in our careers. The modern healthcare system is creating a disproportionate work-life balance and generating nurse practitioner burnout rates at an all time high. Nurse practitioners were burned-out before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the past three years have brought tremendous challenges and hardships […]

4 tips when considering a career change as a nurse practitioner

career change as a nurse practitioner

Have you ever wondered about a career change as a nurse practitioner? Determining if quitting your nurse practitioner job is a serious consideration that can bring a lot of overwhelm and emotion. Some nurse practitioners contemplate changing jobs because of a lack of work-life balance, nurse practitioner burnout, low compensation, increase in work, and many […]

5 causes of nurse practitioner burnout

causes of nurse practitioner burnout

I was recently featured on The Chart Lyfe podcast and also wrote a guest blog post and I wanted to share it with you! As The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner, I have talked with tons of burned-out nurse practitioners and have noticed some common causes of nurse practitioner burnout. Some of these causative agents are easier […]

Alternatives to create a better work-life balance as a nurse practitioner

Create a better work-life balance

As The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner, I try to offer alternative ways for nurse practitioners to create a better work-life balance. Many nurse practitioners are spending more time at work and less time at home. APRNs are expected to see more patients in a shorter amount of time. A lot of NPs see patients in 15 […]

4 ways starting a health coaching business improves burnout

Starting a health coaching business

Nurse practitioners might not think that starting a health coaching business can help them overcome their nurse practitioner burnout. But hear me out, there are many benefits to creating a health coaching business, and you may be surprised! Many of the causative agents of nurse practitioner burnout include: Those nurse practitioners who are feeling burned-out […]

Nurse practitioner job satisfaction- does it exist?

Nurse practitioner job satisfaction

To some APRNs, the term nurse practitioner job satisfaction sounds like a myth. Many NPs think, “Why did I go back to school to become an NP? Why did I leave my bedside RN job to work as a NP with less pay and higher liability?” “Why did I think working as a nurse practitioner […]

Maggie Berghoff: From burned-out NP to business expert

Maggie Berghoff

Usually, my burnout remedies are focused on making life in your current job easier.  Today I want to talk about something completely different. This solution isn’t for everyone.  For a lot of people, this is going to be asking too much.  But for the ambitious and big dreamers, you might want to pay attention.  Maggie […]

Nurse practitioner stress vs. burnout: 5 differences

Nurse practitioner stress

There is a difference between nurse practitioner stress vs. burnout. Nurse practitioners are used to stress. Whether an APRN works in a busy emergency room setting or an overwhelming primary care clinic, there is constant stress. The demands of a nurse practitioner are never-ending. Add on a global pandemic that changed the world and a […]

I see you burned-out nurse practitioner

Erica D the NP helping burned-out nurse practitioners

You are empty. You are physically, emotionally, mentally depleted. You are exhausted. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You no longer have the passion or the fulfillment in your nurse practitioner career. You contemplate the next move. You are ready to leave healthcare. You are beyond burned-out. I see you burned-out […]