Do you fear other people’s opinions as a nurse practitioner?

Nurse practitioners struggle with imposter syndrome and other people's opinions.

Have you ever been in a situation when you were frozen in fear of other people’s opinions? Have you ever experienced a time you felt judged for your words or actions? Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome or felt you’re not smart enough to be an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN)? Have you heard negative […]

What is imposter syndrome costing you?

Imposter syndrome

If you struggle with negative thoughts or limiting beliefs as a nurse practitioner, there may be more negative impacts than you realize. Imposter syndrome is If you experience these thoughts, you are not alone! Through my work as a nurse practitioner burnout coach, I have talked to so many new and experienced APRNs who have […]

Control the imposter syndrome

control the imposter syndrome

Do you struggle with insecurities and negative thoughts? Do you second guess your clinical decisions and stress about formulating the…

5 tips to manage imposter syndrome as a nurse practitioner

manage imposter syndrome

You don’t know anything. Why would any patient want to see you? Who are you to diagnose and treat this patient? You are an imposter, and someone will figure you out. Harsh isn’t it? While nurse practitioners do not learn how to manage imposter syndrome, many of us have experienced these negative thoughts at some […]