Contract Negotiation for Nurse Practitioners

Do you want to negotiate a higher salary but not sure how?

nurse practitioner burnout
  • Are you a new grad and unsure of the red flags you should know before signing a contract?
  • Are you an experienced NP who has never negotiated a contract and struggle with figuring out how to bring up the topic with your employer?

Imagine if you could learn about your nurse practitioner contract and what you can and cannot negotiate.

Imagine if you could master the negotiation skills and feel confident negotiating your value, even in a saturated market.

Imagine being aware of the red flags in an APRN contract and discovering how to protect yourself.

Contract Negotiation for Nurse Practitioners

Master the skills needed to feel confident, negotiate your worth, and create a contract that makes you and your employer happy.

One time purchase of only $99!

Contract negotiation for nurse practitioners

This online, instant access, self-study course will help you:

  • Learn the importance of a contract and red flags to be aware of
  • Learn what you can and cannot negotiate
  • Feel confident in your worth and ability to negotiate
  • Stop accepting low ball offers and show the value NPs provide
  • And so much more!
contract negotiation for nurse practitioners
About The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner

I'm Erica D the NP

I’m a family nurse practitioner, burnout coach, and creator of The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner.

Before I signed my first NP contract, I knew very little about what my role as a NP would entail, what benefits I could negotiate, and red flags to be aware of.

I created The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner to help NPs create work-life balance, conquer burnout, and advocate for themselves.

My approach to contract negotiation is calm and collaborative. I am not the type of person to storm in and demand a raise. I would rather discuss, show the value I can offer, and then have the administrator give me a raise. And this approach is outlined in Contract Negotiation for Nurse Practitioners!

This course answers your questions such as

Module 1:

Module 2:
Learn the 5 Steps of Contract Negotiation

Plus the bonuses....

nurse practitioner burnout

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This course is for

Did I mention it's risk-free?

The Contract Negotiation for Nurse Practitioners Course Guarantee

I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within 7 days of purchasing the program, I will give you your money back– hassle free! I believe in the value of this program and the information is something I have used personally. I strive to help overwhelmed NPs negotiate their contract in a similar way! But I also know it may not be right for you! Be sure to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Email if you are not satisfied with the program and a refund will be granted!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t work on your knowledge of contracts and negotiation skills...

You will continue to be at the same salary level, in the same unfilling job for years to come. You will miss out on

As nurse practitioners, we need to learn how to stand up and advocate for ourselves and our career.

Don’t waste any more time worrying about a contract that will keep you feeling stuck! For only $99, invest in Contract Negotiation for Nurse Practitioners today!

If you have any questions, please let me know!