Improving charting and time management for nurse practitioners

Erica D the NP discusses improving charting and time management tips.

I was recently interviewed on The Nurse Becoming Podcast hosted by Amanda, creator of The Resume Rx. And I wanted to share the episode with you! We discussed some of the signs and symptoms of burnout including my own (I was previously burned-out as a RN): Mental, physical, emotional exhaustion Lack of fulfillment and apathy […]

4 Tips to get motivated to finish charting

charting and time management tips

Charting sucks. It is one of the least favorite parts of my day. The reality is, the charts have to get signed. But when you’re behind on charts with a waiting room full of patients, the task seems immensely burdensome. You become unmotivated and therefore procrastinate even more. Here are 4 tips to increase motivation […]