Introducing, The Nurse Practitioner Charting School!

The Nurse Practitioner Charting School

​​The Nurse Practitioner Charting School​ The one stop for all documentation resources created specifically for nurse practitioners! ​ Offering free charting tips on The Nurse Practitioner Charting School’s blog page! ​ Offering online courses on topics including: ​Time Management and Charting Tips Course, ​Billing and Coding Course: Outpatient Visits, ​Legal Issues with Documentation Course, Or get all three courses […]

Improving charting and time management for nurse practitioners

Erica D the NP discusses improving charting and time management tips.

I was recently interviewed on The Nurse Becoming Podcast hosted by Amanda, creator of The Resume Rx. And I wanted to share the episode with you! We discussed some of the signs and symptoms of burnout including my own (I was previously burned-out as a RN): Mental, physical, emotional exhaustion Lack of fulfillment and apathy […]

Charting Time Saving Tip for Nurse Practitioners: 3 ways to Avoid Multitasking

Charting time saving tip: Avoid multitasking

This Charting Time Saving Tip is provided by The Nurse Practitioner Charting School: The one stop for all documentation resources created specifically for nurse practitioners! Nurses are great at multitasking. How many times have you been on the phone with pharmacy, administering medications to the patient, chatting with the patient’s spouse, while also catching the […]

5 tips to using smart phrases in your nurse practitioner practice

How to use smart phrases to save time charting as a nurse practitioner.

Through my work as The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner, I have found the #1 cause of nurse practitioner burnout is work-life imbalance. And the #1 cause of nurse practitioner work-life imbalance is excessive charting! Nurse practitioners are staying late at the office and bringing charts home! We spend more time charting and less time with family.  […]

Charting Time Saving Tip: 3 ways to create more energy at work

Charting time saving tip

Charting time saving tip brought to you by The Nurse Practitioner Charting School– the one stop for all documentation resources created specifically for nurse practitioners! Anyone else feel sluggish and tired as the day progresses? If you are like me, I am most energized in the mornings after a good night’s sleep, exercise, and of […]

Get your time back with ScribeEMR virtual scribes!

ScribeEMR virtual scribes

I am very excited to announce The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner has partnered with ScribeEMR to offer nurse practitioners a quality, customized service to help you overcome nurse practitioner burnout and get your life back! ​ ScribeEMR virtual scribes offer “real-time remote EMR charting, medical coding, and ancillary support that improves practice efficiency, maximizes revenue, and reduces nurse practitioner burnout.” ​ […]

Ready to leave healthcare: Case study of a mom, a wife, a FNP

ready to leave healthcare

Because nurse practitioners like case studies so much, I decided to write one for you 😜. Let’s meet Jen. A wife, a mom, and a family nurse practitioner. Jen has worked as a nurse practitioner for the past 6 years in family practice. Jen has noticed since the pandemic, she has started to feel burned-out […]

Small changes lead to MASSIVE success and 4 tips to implement

small changes lead to massive success

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Small changes lead to MASSIVE success! If you work on changing one habit at a time, it will snow ball into making a significant impact. For example, if you use The Nurse Practitioner Charting School’s Smart Phrases, this could save you 2 minutes per patient. Yes, it […]

“The Perfect Chart Note:” 3 ways for nurse practitioners to avoid

The perfect chart note

***If you are a nurse practitioner with a backlog of open charts, read this blog post! Do you struggle with writing “the perfect chart note?” You strive to write the perfect note for a multiple of reasons. For starters, you want to sound super smart, using big words and concepts so you don’t look like […]

Do you experience the #1 cause of nurse practitioner burnout?

cause of nurse practitioner burnout

While there are more than one cause of nurse practitioner burnout, this article will focus on the top causative agent for nurse practitioner burnout! I recently wrote a blog post discussing the fact that nurse practitioners are replaceable at work and nurse practitioners are not replaceable at home. If you experience this work-life imbalance, you […]