Charting time saving tip: Charting templates

Charting time saving tip

This charting time saving tip was brought to you by The Nurse Practitioner Charting School.

Nurse practitioners can save so much time by creating templates in your electronic medical record (EMR)!

Most EMRs have a template function. A template creates the basic form of the note that you can then adjust for that specific patient. Creating templates will take some time upfront, but will save you so much time in the long run!

Charting time saving tip: Charting templates

1. Ask colleagues.

Odds are someone in your office is already using templates. Ask the provider if they can share a template and how to use it. Ask for help in creating your own template. Custom made templates can be fabricated with phrases you commonly use or routine instructions/education you constantly say.

Did you get sufficient training on your EMR? If not, ask for it. Or contact IT. Although these technology experts may not know what medical terms/phrases should be in a template, they can help you build one!

2. Research online.

The internet is full of tons of free info! Check out Google or Youtube for how to create a template using your EMR system. Search the EMR company’s website for “how to tutorials.” There are helpful resources on how to create a template in your EMR. Implementing templates are an amazing charting time saving tip!

3. Keep it simple.

Start with one template and identify what kind of information you are frequently saying or repeating. Make templates as custom as possible and always remember to adjust! Once you get a better idea for what information or phrases you want in a template, make more!

Create templates for the 5 most common types of visits you see in a typical clinic day! I currently have 6 templates I use: Annual wellness exam, acute visit, chronic visit, COVID-19 visit, sports physical, well child exam. Feel free to create more, but don’t spend your time making a template for every single diagnosis you see. Most often, other templates can be used with small adjustments.

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