15 benefits of remote nurse practitioner jobs

remote nurse practitioner jobs

There are multiple benefits of remote nurse practitioner jobs. And I’m guessing many burned-out nurse practitioners have not considered working remotely. As The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner, I strive to provide those struggling with nurse practitioner burnout a variety of options to overcome their burnout. 

So if you are a nurse practitioner who craves a better work-life balance and longs to overcome nurse practitioner burnout, then read this article for other benefits of remote nurse practitioner jobs. 

Benefits of remote nurse practitioner jobs

Improved work-life balance.

When nurse practitioners work from home, they actually create more time. For example, you don’t need to drive to the office. This can save 15-60 minutes (sometimes one way!) in commute time. A remote nurse practitioner is still working, but is home more to attend to their personal needs. 

Increased flexibility.

A lot of remote nurse practitioner jobs have an increased flexibility compared to traditional jobs. A remote nurse practitioner does not have to stay at the office from 8:00am-5:00pm. A lot of the remote nurse practitioner jobs allow for flexible schedules, making it easier to run errands or drop kids off at activities. As long as the work is getting done, a lot of remote employers allow for this increased flexibility. 

Career opportunities.

Nurse practitioners are no longer confined to jobs in their specific geographical locations. One of the benefits of remote nurse practitioner jobs is access to amazing companies. You could be living in one part of America (or living in a different country) and work for one of the top healthcare companies in the United States. 

Less personal costs.

When a NP works remote nurse practitioner jobs, they do not have to commute to the office. This eliminates extra money for gas. There is no wear and tear on their vehicle. Nurse practitioners may find themselves saving more money by eating more meals at home and not going out to eat for lunch. Remote nurse practitioner jobs make it easier to save money. 

Increased productivity.

There are multiple articles and studies that show an increase in productivity with remote jobs. When working from home, there are not as many distractions. Nurse practitioners can get more work done when they are not interrupted by coworkers. There are less social distractions. A lot of those working remote nurse practitioner jobs have increased job satisfaction and desire to work harder, increasing overall productivity.

Not having to share snacks in the break room.

Seriously though…. When nurse practitioners work from home, they do not have to share any snacks in the break room! No more worrying about someone stealing your lunch. Or running out of coffee (that one is on you! haha)

Able to travel and work from anywhere.

When NPs work remote nurse practitioner jobs, they can essentially work from anywhere in the world! If you would like to take extended vacations or move to a different country, they can continue to work remotely. Wouldn’t it be nice to be on a beach, while still making money?!

Less sick days.

It is found that employees take less sick days when they work remotely. If a nurse practitioner has a mild case of COVID-19 but company policy states the NP needs to be quarantined for 5 days (per CDC guidelines) they can still work in remote nurse practitioner jobs. Same goes if you have a sick child. The nurse practitioner is home and can look after a sick child. This means less days off from work because of the increased flexibility. 

Get more housework done.

While it depends on the requirements of the job, many nurse practitioners that work from home can easily fold a load of laundry or prepare supper. I think this would be so nice to be able to do some of this house work during the day so it does not pile up to be completed after work. I don’t know about you, but after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is laundry! 

Working in your pajamas.

This benefit of remote nurse practitioner jobs is a no brainer! I would much rather hang out in my PJs all day instead of getting ready to go into the office! What about you?

More time for self-care.

As previously mentioned, working from home increases a nurse practitioner’s time. Therefore, instead of spending 30 minutes on a daily commute, they can utilize that time to implement self-care. As The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner, I am a strong advocate for nurse practitioners to complete self-care in order to overcome nurse practitioner burnout

Increased creativity/start your own business.

Nurse practitioners who start their own remote business can utilize their creativity and create a platform for information and resources for their patients/followers. Nurse practitioners who start a business are able to take control of both their time and their income. Click here to learn more about how to start an online health coaching/consulting business. 

Reduced stress.

Most people who work in remote jobs report decreased stress and more independence in their role. A more relaxed office environment can have a significant positive effect on an employee’s job satisfaction and help to improve job productivity. A career with reduced stress can help NPs to overcome nurse practitioner burnout. 

Benefits for companies.

There are multiple benefits for the employer offering remote work. An article by Forbes titled 5 Proven Benefits of Remote Work for Companies include benefits such as increased productivity, profits, staff retention, and much more. Many nurse practitioners crave increased flexibility and better work-life balance and companies who offer remote work can attract these healthcare professionals. 

Overcome nurse practitioner burnout.

For reasons listed above, remote nurse practitioner jobs can help NPs create a better work-life balance and overcome nurse practitioner burnout. While The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner recommends a multi focal approach to overcome nurse practitioner burnout, I do think many APRNs can benefit from remote nurse practitioner jobs. 

Reflect on these benefits of remote nurse practitioner jobs and determine if working from home is right for you! Remote work and telehealth has become much more popular in the past few years and there is anticipation of more growth! As noted there are multiple benefits of remote nurse practitioner jobs. Ultimately, remote nurse practitioner jobs can create a better work-life balance and help NPs overcome nurse practitioner burnout

Resources for finding, landing, creating remote nurse practitioner jobs

For additional resources on finding and landing remote nurse practitioner jobs, check out The Remote Nurse.  

The Remote Nurse provides a Remote Nursing Jobs Crash Course to answer FAQs of finding and landing a remote job as well as examples of 20 remote jobs for healthcare providers. The Remote Nurse also offers a membership program to gain early notification to remote jobs, help with resume building, and access to company reviews (you will learn which company best matches your needs)!

Click here to learn more about The Remote Nursing Jobs Crash Course and The Remote Nurse Membership! 

If you would like to look at available remote jobs for nurse practitioners, check out The Remote Nurse Job Board! There are currently over 400 remote jobs listed, so check out the link for more information!

If you would like to learn how to start your own business as an online coach/consultant, then check out Maggie Berghoff’s free training: From Dream to Profit: An Exact Roadmap To Building A Wildly Successful Online Health Business. Maggie is a formerly burned-out nurse practitioner who took control of her life and time to improve her work-life balance. Maggie now teaches healthcare providers how to do the same!

**Full disclosure, if you purchase a program from The Remote Nurse or Maggie Berghoff, I do make a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you! But it does help me to continue to run The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner to provide information for overcoming nurse practitioner burnout!

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